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Inline Dual TDS meter
Dual TDS meter

0-999 ppm Inline Dual TDS Meter

(TDS B&A) 

Dual measure and display, RED Flash Indicator when removal over 80%, GREEN Flash Indicator when removal under 80%, GREEN

Inline Dual Conductivity meter
Dual Conductivity Meter

0-999 us/cm Inline Dual Conductivity Meter (EC B&A)

The same features with Inline Dual TDS, but different unit in us/cm

Days Countdown Timer
Count Down Timer


Optional 90/180/270/360 days countdown timer, buzzer alarm


Optional 90/180/270/360 days countdown timer, buzzer alarm with 24VDC output for control device

Leak Detector
Leak Controller

Leaks Alert

Immediately warning when water leaks, 5 years sustainable detection time, Simple installation

Leaks Controller

24VDC output for normal-open-type solenoid valve when leakage occur

Digital Flow meter
Digital Flow Meter


0.1~1 GPM (Low Flowmaster), 0.2~2 GPM (High Flowmaster), 0.04~0.1 GPM (Ultra low Flowmaster)

Real-time "Flow Rate" and "Accumulated Volume" display, Monthly count down timer, Built-in audio alerts, 3 years expected battery life

Faucet Filter Life Monitor Plug-in LED-Ring Indicator

Time base, Faucet mounted Bi-Color LED Ring indicator, BLUE indicator when normal,RED when run out

All products

100% design by our own

100% manufacture by our own

100% made in Taiwan

TDS meter

Digital flow meter

Count down timer

TDS mall

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